Unlucky Promises

Winters in Germany are really rainy.So Rainy that 35% of all German travel happens during this time. To put sunny Mexico top of mind, we mixed the Mexican thing Germans love, Tequila, with the weather they don´t love, rain, to create the first:

CLIENT: ALlstate
AGENCY: LApiz leo burnett
ROLE: ART DIRECTION & Conceptual design


Making soccer fans keep the promises they make.

No matter how crazy they are.


Insight: Soccer fans make all kinds of outrageous promises to ‘help’ their team win. But they don’t always fulfill them.

Idea: Allstate Insurance decided to use the personification of

misfortune, Bad Luck, to make sure fans kept the promises they made.


We sent Bad Luck to all the games of the 2017 Gold Cup.

He collected real promises, from real fans on camera.

After every game, Bad Luck posted a video showing a fan of the winning team fulfilling his promise.


For the final, we decided to choose among all the promises we received organically on Bad Luck’s page,

and picked a fan to fulfill his promise on Facebook Live the day after the big game.